Consulting & Training

I provide consulting services for individuals, families, schools, businesses, and other organizations. Examples include:

  • Clinical consultation for counselors looking to increase knowledge and experience working with queer, trans and gender expansive clients;
  • Assistance setting up Gay-Straight Alliances/Sexuality and Gender Alliances at schools;
  • Creating and sustaining LGBTQ+ support in the school;
  • Providing safe environments for trans and gender expansive students/staff/customers.

I also provide customized trainings to meet your goals. Previous trainings and presentations have taken place at non-profits, schools, libraries, conferences, and businesses. Trainings range from one hour to two-day trainings. Examples include:

  • How to provide a safer spaces for queer, trans, and gender expansive students/staff/customers/etc.
  • Practicing inclusive conversations
  • LGBTQ+ identity development
  • Tips and strategies to address LGBTQ+ harassment
  • Diversity in the workplace