Research is a form of advocacy as it shapes practice and influences social policy. Research challenges current thought and increases expansion of understanding the world. I actively engage in research and scholarship through publishing peer-review articles, open-access newsletters, and presentations at national, regional, state, and local conferences. I have presented at over 30 national, regional, and state professional conferences. I have achieved funding for research and professional development, including from the NBCC Minority Fellowship Program and the Association of Counselor Education and Supervision. I actively expand upon justice and equity utilizing action research and community-based participatory methodologies on behalf of the queer, transgender, gender expansive, and other marginalized communities.

Current publications include:

  1. Social Justice in Counselor Education: Teaching Advocacy Across the Core
  2. Queering Counselor Education: Situational Analysis of LGBTQ+ Competent Faculty
  3. Discourse of a Mormon Ally in Supervision
  4. More Than Just Companions: The Role of Animal Assisted Therapy in Prevention, Health, and Wellness
  5. You Don’t Look Like a Lesbian: A Co-Autoethnography of Intersectional Identities in Counselor Education
  6. Becoming a LGBTQQIA Competent, Ethical Counselor